Zero tolerance statement

At Manchester Health and Care Commissioning, the health and safety of NHS, care staff and patients across Manchester is of the highest importance.

To allow healthcare professionals to do their jobs, both patients and healthcare staff must mutually respect each other.

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in verbal and physical attacks on staff and this is unacceptable.

The NHS has a policy to tackle the increasing violence and abuse NHS staff are facing while doing their job. The policy outlines that healthcare staff have a right to work and care for others without the fear of being abused or attacked.

Patients also have a right to access services without fear of violence at their practice.

In line with this policy, we have a zero-tolerance approach to aggression, abuse, violence or anti-social behaviour.

What do we mean by zero tolerance?

Whilst it is not possible to list all types of incidents, some examples of unacceptable behaviour are provided below:

  • offensive language, verbal abuse and swearing
  • racist and hate comments
  • loud and intrusive conversation
  • unwanted or abusive remarks
  • negative, malicious or stereotypical comments
  • carrying weapons or using objects as weapons
  • threats or risk of injury to NHS staff
  • intimidation
  • stalking
  • unreasonable behaviour and non-cooperation

This relates to any form of abuse from patients or staff which includes (but is not limited to) sexism, racism homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and ageism, or harassment or abuse on basis of disability, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, religion or belief.

What we are doing about it

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) is committed to ensuring:

  • All staff are working in line with NHS values
  • All staff uphold MHCC values of being positive, collaborative, and fair
  • Healthcare settings in Manchester are a safe space for everyone
  • Preventative measures to minimise risks to staff are introduced
  • Relevant staff are appropriately trained
  • Promotion and maintenance of public awareness of our Zero Tolerance approach

Such behaviour or verbal abuse causing distress and or constituting harassment will not be tolerated and could lead to the person being removed from the practice list. In extreme cases, the police will be contacted if the patient is posing a threat to staff or others.

Where to find out more

You can find out more about the NHS’s approach to preventing abuse and violence towards staff through the Violence prevention and reduction standard which provides a risk-based framework that supports a safe and secure working environment for NHS staff, safeguarding them against abuse, aggression and violence.

This is standard is backed up by the Violence against NHS staff: letter to the workforce.

How to share your views

Manchester Health and Care Commissioning is committed to ensuring that patients’ voices are heard.

There are a number of ways you can share your views, get involved or make a complaint on our website.

We welcome feedback from patients and are very grateful to the huge numbers of patients who work with us in a constructive and mutually respectful way.

Please visit your practice’s website for their latest information and updates.