The Greater Manchester Care Record

Sharing patient information is key in supporting care and treatment, especially in situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Greater Manchester (GM) Care Record allows workers in health or social care, easy access to patient information that is critical to support decision-making about patient care and treatment.

It shares important information about the patient’s health and care including:

  • Any current health or care issues
  • Patient medications
  • Allergies
  • Results of any recent tests
  • Details on any plans created for care or treatment
  • Information on any social care or carer support

The GM Care Record pulls patient information from several important areas of health and care including:

  • primary care
  • community services
  • mental health services
  • social care
  • secondary care
  • specialist services like the North West Ambulance Service

It means that patients won’t have to keep repeating their medical history to each professional in different organisations, care plans will be followed consistently and clinicians will be better equipped to identify patterns and plan care more effectively to meet the patients’ needs.

The amount of data that the GM Care Record holds is increasing all the time. Data is constantly being added so that a combined record can be developed to help better decision making and more informed care and treatment.

In response to the pandemic, the GM Care Record also includes information about when a patient has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and whether they are self-isolating at home or have been hospitalised. This ensures continuity of care across different care settings and alternatives such as digital support can be put in place.