Pharmacies and medicines

A pharmacy is a place where you can go to receive expert healthcare advice on the high street.

A pharmacist is also sometimes referred to as a chemist. They can dispense your prescribed medicines and also provide advice and treatment for range of common conditions like coughs and colds.

They can also help you decide if you need to see a GP or another health service.

To speak to a pharmacist about a concern you may have, no appointment is needed. Many pharmacy stores have separate consulting rooms to ensure your complete privacy. 

Pharmacy opening times

Many pharmacists across Manchester are often open late and on weekends, and there are always some open over the Bank Holidays.

To find a pharmacy near you, use the search below.


Each year more than £1million is wasted in Manchester due to people ordering medicines they don’t need. We are working with GP practices and pharmacies to reduce medicine waste so that we can spend this money on other services.

To help us with this, we need your help and ask that you only:

  • Order the medicines you need (you won’t be prevented from ordering it again if you need it in the future)
  • Return any unwanted medicines to your community pharmacy for safe disposal
  • Take your medicines along if you’re going into hospital

More information about ordering only what you need, can be found on the Medicine Waste website.

A-Z of medicines

For information about potential side effects, doses and the conditions the medicines treat, visit the A-Z of Medicines pages on the website.

Prescriptions costs

Prescription costs apply to some patients, while others may be exempt. For advice regarding free prescriptions and help with prescription charges visit the website.

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