Palliative Care

What is palliative care?

End of life care includes palliative care. It is a form of support available to people who have an illness that cannot be cured.

Palliative care will make you as comfortable as possible, by managing your pain and other symptoms you might be experiencing. It can also support you, your loved ones and carers emotionally by using a holistic approach.

Who provides palliative care?

Many healthcare professionals provide palliative care as part of their jobs. An example is the care you get from your GP or community nurses.

Some people may need additional specialist palliative care which is then provided by consultants trained in palliative medicine. This may also include support from specialist palliative care nurses, specialist occupational therapists or physiotherapists too.

In Manchester, palliative care is provided by the Manchester Local Care Organisation (MLCO) in partnership with Macmillan.

How does it work?

The palliative care service in Manchester has three local hubs. One in the north, one in central and one in south Manchester which all operate from 8am to 7pm, seven days a week. 

The team that provides the service is made up of palliative care specialists including district nurses, community teams, general practice, local hospices and hospitals.

The service aims to:

  • Provide fully integrated, community based care, for patients with cancer and/or any life-limiting illness in their last 12 months of life
  • Facilitate timely and safe discharge from hospital and hospice
  • Ensure carers are fully supported at all stages
  • Increase the number of patients able to die in their usual place of residence
  • Increase the number of patients able to die in their recorded preferred place of care
  • Reduce the number of admissions to hospital for patients on the community specialist palliative care caseloads.

How does it work?

A clinician is available to triage all calls and referrals to the service, responding as necessary to patient needs and ensuring that support will be given in a timely manner.

Further details on how to access this service can be found on the MLCO website.