Dentists complete check-ups to see if you have any dental problems and provide care information. Basically how to look after your mouth, teeth and gums well. They can also carry out treatments such as a filling or root canal if you need it. Restore damaged or lost teeth due to decay or an accident.

Some dentists provide a mixture of NHS and private care. If you are unsure what services your dentist does provide, check with your dentist first. 

Even if your dentist provides NHS services, you may have to pay some amount towards the cost of your care. Find out more about NHS dental charges on the website

Visiting your dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic

All dental practices in Greater Manchester are taking appointments but are working at a smaller capacity. Therefore, they may not provide the normal full range of services. For example, routine examinations and other non-urgent care may be unavailable.

However, urgent dental services are established across Greater Manchester. They are seeing patients who have been referred from their regular dentist. This may be because they are not able to offer the specific treatment required.

Booking appointments

If you need to see a dentist, you are encouraged to contact your local practice over the phone first for a remote assessment. You will then be given information on your next steps and told whether you will need an appointment.

Treatments started pre-COVID are being prioritised as well as high-risk patients and children.

If you are given an appointment, please be aware that your practice will be observing the national COVID-19 guidelines.

If you don’t have a usual dentist and have an urgent need you can call your local dental helpline: 0333 332 3800. You will be assessed and given advice over the phone. This may result in a remote consultation with a dentist or a face to face appointment.

If you don’t have a usual dentist, you can find one by going to: or use our service below.

If you need dental treatment in an emergency:

  • call your dentist – some practices offer appointments at short notice
  • if you don’t have a dentist, call NHS 111 for advice.

Feedback and complaints 

Dentists are commissioned by NHS England. If you have any questions, or would like to provide feedback or raise a complaint about a dentist, please contact the branch directly or NHS England’s Customer Contact Centre.