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Surveys, questionnaires and consultations are another way for you to have your say in how health and care services are designed and delivered in Manchester.

From the feedback you provide, we then evaluate what you have said and then use this to help us develop the very best of services, with the money we have available.

You can find details of the latest surveys and consultations below.

Latest Surveys

  • Recommissioning of women’s services

    This survey is part of a range of activities seeking to include and amplify the views of diverse women ahead of the recommissioning women’s support services. Findings will be reported back to commissioners of services to help them consider where gaps in support may be and why, learn from women’s ideas on how to better meet their needs and influence the way support is recommissioned in future.

    Access the survey now on Survey Monkey.

    If you feel you need to speak to someone whilst filling in this form or afterwards please email nickala@flourishtogether.org.uk

    Note this survey is aimed at women directly rather than the agencies that support them.

    Closing date: 20 October 2020

  • Transforming the future at North Manchester General Hospital

    North Manchester General Hospital (NMGH) is at the heart of an exciting vision to improve health and wellbeing for local people over the next 10 to 15 years.

    It will provide a focal point for the community, with integrated health and social care facilities, high-quality new homes, and access to better education and training alongside more inviting public open spaces.

    This transformational development will effect generational change for the North Manchester community, creating new jobs, promoting healthy lifestyles, developing skills and contributing to a zero-carbon environment for the benefit of the local neighbourhood and beyond.

    Visit the Manchester NHS Foundation Trust website for full details.

    How to provide feedback

    If you have any feedback or comments to would like to share about the proposed plans, please email: nmredevelopment@mft.nhs.uk

  • City centre transport strategy consultation

    Want to help us shape the future of transport in the city centre?

    Since 2018, many discussions have taken place with city centre residents, commuters, businesses and interest groups to learn how they want to travel into and around the centre of Greater Manchester, and how they would shape the next phase of improvements to roads, rail, tram, bus, bike, pedestrian and public spaces.

    That’s why the proposed strategy reflects the strongest calls from these discussions, including those for more space for pedestrians and bikes, and cleaner, greener more sustainable travel options.

    Alongside Manchester City Council and Salford City Council, Transport for Greater Manchester have launched a six-week consultation and want to make sure that the ambitions for city centre travel are right for you.

    Access the consultation on the Manchester City Council website.

    You can also email ccts@tfgm.com or telephone 0161 244 1100 for further information.

    Closing date: Wednesday 4 November 2020

  • Greater Manchester wide clean air zone consultation

    Central Government has directed Greater Manchester to introduce a ‘category C’ Greater Manchester-wide Clean Air Zone. Vans, buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, minibuses and heavy goods vehicles that do not meet certain emissions standards will have to pay a daily charge to drive in the Zone. Private cars, motorbikes and mopeds are not included.

    The Zone would operate 24/7 and follow as closely as possible the administrative boundary of Greater Manchester. It includes local roads but not motorways, or major trunk roads, which Highways England is responsible for.

    Therefore your views on the proposed boundary and operating hours are being welcomed.

    Access the consultation and related documents on the Clean Air website.

    You can also request further support, including copies of consultation documentations by calling 0161 244 1100.

    Closing date: Thursday 3 December 23:59

  • Greater Manchester minimum licensing standards consultation

    Taxis and private hire services are a crucial part of our transport network. They provide an important service, particularly for those without access to a car, and people who don’t live or work near other parts of the public transport network.

    The vision is to see taxi and private hire services in Greater Manchester deliver a safer, high-quality experience for everyone, every time, using vehicles that meet high environmental standards.

    That’s why Greater Manchester’s 10 local councils, supported by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), have worked to develop a proposed set of common, minimum standards for services licensed in Greater Manchester.

    They are now consulting on the proposed standards and want you to have your say.

    Access the consultation on the Greater Manchester Taxi Standards website.

    Or request further support, including copies of consultation documentations by calling 0161 244 1100.

    Closing date: Thursday 3 December 2020 23:59

Note some of these may also be surveys or consultations of another service provider or organisation which we are sharing on their behalf.