Get involved

We are committed to putting the voice of our patients and public at the heart of everything we do.

Your views, thoughts and experiences are important to us. They help us to understand what matters to you most, so that we can develop the very best health and care services for you in Manchester.

We are keen to hear from you and you can provide feedback to us in the following ways:

Other ways to get involved

Take part in a survey or consultation

We have a variety of surveys and consultations taking place. Have a look on our have your say page for more details. 

Follow us on social media

Follow on social media for news, details of the latest consultations, polls and more:

Attend a Board meeting or ask a question

We welcome you to join us at one of our Board meetings or ask a question.

Join the Our Healthier Manchester mailing list

Join our mailing list to receive the Our Healthier Manchester e-bulletin which contains all the latest news from Manchester Health and Care Commissioning. Each edition includes health advice, up-and-coming events, consultations and surveys.

Join your GP Practice Participation Group

You can join your local GP Practice Participation Group. You can ask about this opportunity at your GP practice or visit your GP practice website.

Join your community health and care services mailing list

You can join the mailing list for the Manchester Local Care Organisation.

Become a member of one of our NHS Foundation Trusts

You can join the membership of the any of the NHS foundation trusts in the city:

Become a Healthwatch volunteer or board member

You can join Healthwatch Manchester by becoming a volunteer or a board member.

Research opportunities

Taking part in research is another way in which you can help to improve the NHS services we commission (plan and buy) on your behalf.