COVID-19 assurance process

During the COVID-19 pandemic, engagement briefings have been developed to share information on developments and service changes that take place where we are unable to carry out face to face engagement.

As part of the NHS Act 2006 regulation 23(2), under section 244 it allows for temporary changes to be made because of a risk to safety or welfare of patients or staff.

These briefings will be shared with the following people and organisations to provide feedback and assurance to support the transfer of service being made:

  • Patient and Public Advisory Committee, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning
  • Elected Members via Councillor Bev Craig, Executive for Health and Social Care, Manchester City Council
  • Healthwatch Manchester

There will also be patient and carer engagement and involvement where this is needed as part of the service change.

Copies of current briefings being undertaken can be found below:

It is important to note that if at any stage proposals are put forward to make any of the temporary changes permanent, consultation and/or engagement with patients and the public may need to take place post the COVID-19 pandemic.

These briefings will be used to provide assurance on our statutory duties to involve and engage with patients and the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Feedback is being collated and shared with NHS England and NHS Improvement.

You are welcome to read the briefings and provide feedback using the below form.

COVID-19 assurance process feedback
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