Your Medicines

Your Medicines

It is vitally important that the right patients get the right medicines at the right time.  It’s crucial that you understand when and how to take your medicines to get the most out of them, and to only order medicines that you need.


Speak to your local GP, community pharmacist or nurse about your medicines – See how they will improve your condition, how often they should be taken, the dosage, possible side effects and storage. To find the health service closest to your home, along with opening hours, enter your postcode in the ‘Find a service’ box to the right.


A-Z of medicines

For information about potential side effects, doses and the conditions the medicines teat, see the A-Z of Medicines pages on the NHS choices website


 Wasted medicines

Each year more than £1million is wasted in Manchester due to people ordering medicines they don’t need. We are working with GP practices and pharmacies to reduce wasted medication and spend this money on other services.

Patients and their carers are asked to:

  • Only order the medicines needed (you won’t be prevented from ordering it again if you need it in the future)
  • Return unwanted medicines to their community pharmacy for safe disposal
  • Take your medicines along if you’re going into hospital

More information is available at

Prescription costs apply to some patients, while others may be exempt. For advice regarding free prescriptions and help with prescription charges see the NHS Choices website.


The Manchester CCG Medicines Management Team ensures that Manchester doctors prescribe high quality medicines safely and cost-effectively. The teams, led by Senior Medicines Management Advisors and consisting of Pharmacists and Technicians, work hands-on within GP practices. As new medicines are developed and new research is published on existing drugs, medicines are constantly monitored and GPs and patients alerted to any changes.


Further reading:

  • Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group (GMMMG) – championing the appropriate use of medicines across Greater Manchester

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