A Healthier Manchester

A Healthier Manchester

Manchester, like the rest of the country, is facing a major challenge to update a health and social care system, which was designed around seventy years ago. This was when most treatment was provided from hospital and infectious diseases were rife.

Fast forward to today and it’s a very different picture.

Our biggest issues now are chronic diseases – like heart problems, cancer, breathing conditions and other illnesses which patients can live with, often for many years. And, moves in science, technology and care mean that it’s easier to treat people without going to hospital.

We’re lucky in Manchester because we have excellent staff, hospitals, community facilities, and primary and social care services, to look after millions of us every year.

But, despite this, we have some of the worst health outcomes in the country. For example women in Manchester die younger on average than anywhere else in England. We can’t let this go on.

So far, different parts of the NHS, local government and other public sector organisations have tended to provide services separately to the same patients – and often after they have become ill. This is what we need to change.

We need to join services up, end any overlap, and work more with individuals, their families and their carers. Why? Because not only will this bring better care for the patient, but it will also give better value for money.

It’s a dynamic time for Manchester as all care providers – from hospitals, social services, mental health groups, GPs, and pharmacists to the ambulance service, and voluntary sector organisations – have joined forces for a fundamental change in how they work together.

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