Our healthier Manchester locality plan

Our healthier Manchester locality plan

Local councils and NHS organisations in Greater Manchester have agreed with the Government that decisions affecting local people should be made here, instead of nationally. This devolution deal means we will control how billions of pounds of public money is spent in Greater Manchester. This new way of working will cover areas such as policing, housing and transport – and also health and social care.


The locality plan

The locality plan highlights the plan for health and social care in Manchester over five years (2016 – 2021). The plan highlights the aim to make sure that many more people are cared for outside of hospital, closer to where they live, and receive services seven days a week. This will mean we increase the funding of GP services, community health and social care teams, and the voluntary sector. The money will be found by saving money on hospital-based services. You will find a copy of the Locality Plan via this link [4MB].


Our healthier Manchester Update

In the two years since the plan started we’ve been changing things, to help support the long term vision for health and social care in Manchester as set out in the locality plan (above).  Take a look at what we have done to date and see how we are progressing to give all Manchester people the healthier life that will help them and our whole city to thrive. Take look at the Our healthier Manchester Update [PDF 2MB]

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