What is a Shisha?

Shisha is a waterpipe in which a mixture of tobacco and flavourings or molasses sugar is smoked. The tobacco is heated beneath charcoal, the heat pushes the smoke into a water container where it bubbles through and then leaves the water container via a hose and inhaled.

Dr Murugesan Raja highlights some of the risks of smoking shisha in the following Youtube videos.

One hour of Shisha is equivalent to 100 cigarettes or https://youtu.be/bgxhjm53uVQ

Shisha smoke contains many dangerous chemicals or https://youtu.be/zTXa8pOG9UE

Dr Murugesan Raja highlights some Shisha misconceptions or https://youtu.be/xA0DJSMUDm0

The serious effects Shisha can have on your health or https://youtu.be/IVGCuYHado4