That year just FLU by…

That year just FLU by…

Flu season is upon us again and it’s really important that everyone who is entitled to a free flu vaccine gets one done as soon as they can. Because flu is caused by viruses and not bacteria, antibiotics won’t treat it.

A bad bout of flu can lead to hospitalisation, permanent disability or even death among vulnerable groups including older people, pregnant women and people with an underlying health condition.

Flu can also be really unpleasant for little ones, and in some cases, serious. Children are also super spreaders of flu – they might be cute but they can get really snotty – meaning they could easily pass it on to the rest of the family too. Children can have the nasal flu vaccination, so you can quickly protect the family with a little squirt.

The best way to prevent flu is to get the flu vaccination.

Having the flu vaccine is the best way to prevent catching flu and eligible people should have it every year as the flu virus is always changing.

Who is eligible for the free flu vaccine?

  • People who are 65+ years old
  • People with a long term condition like asthma, heart disease, diabetes, COPD
  • Pregnant women
  • People with a learning disability
  • Children aged 2 to 11 years old

Where to get your free flu vaccine?

  • Your GP surgery
  • Children aged 2 and 3 years old need to have the nasal spray at their GP surgery
  • Children in school years reception and years 1 to 6 receive the vaccine in school
  • Adults can get the flu vaccine from a pharmacy offering the service
  • Some midwifery services

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