OPeNS Fund Feedback- Your opportunity

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Towards the end of last year the Our Manchester Voluntary and Community Sector (OMVCS) Programme Team launched two new Manchester Health Care Commissioning Population Health Targeted funding rounds – the Older People Neighbourhood Support (OPeNS) and First 1000 Day Funds.

Having gone through an application process, earlier this year funding was awarded to groups with projects commencing in April 2020.

Before the current COVID-19 pandemic, the team planned on giving groups an opportunity to provide feedback on both the OPeNS and First 1000 Days Targeted Funds as they are keen to hear your views as this to help improve their work and to inform potential future funding rounds.

This is an opportunity to give your feedback through this OPeNS Fund Survey. The team would like to hear your views on issues such as communication of the funding, whether the partnership approach was the right one, allocation of funds and timescale for applications.

The deadline for providing feedback is Friday 11 September 2020.


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