Older People Targeted Fund Update

Older People Targeted Fund Update

A very big thank you to everyone who provided comments as part of the consultation on the Older Peoples Fund – either through the on-line survey, public events or through other channels.

Older People Targeted Fund Update

We have now reviewed all the feedback provided and, where we are able to, are incorporating this into the key fund documents being produced (prospectus, application form and guidance) ready for the launch.

The feedback from the consultation told us that the aims, priorities and objectives generally make sense and focused more on language, clarification about the neighbourhoods and expectations of the Lead applicant when working in partnership with others.

The consultation report [PDF, 80 kb] includes the results of the consultation and a You said, We did and we have also updated our frequently asked questions [PDF, 261 KB].

Finally, we would like to let you all know that the fund has a new title, the Older Peoples Neighbourhood Support (OPeNS) Fund!

If you any questions in relation to this article, please contact the Our Manchester Funds Team by emailing omfunds@manchester.gov.uk or by calling 0161 234 3316.


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