Mental Health Grants Programme – final evaluation report

In 2016, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) invested £330,000 in a new mental health grants programme. The grants programme was administered by Macc on behalf of MHCC.

The primary objectives of the grant programme were:

  1. To increase the social inclusion within their neighbourhoods of people with serious and enduring mental health problems
  2. To increase the take-up of Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme services among communities that find them difficult to access
  3. To increase the level of support offered to people with mental health problems who find it difficult to access existing services in their neighbourhoods

About the projects
In all 77 eligible grant applications were submitted to the programme to be considered in the selection process. A shortlist of 35 bids was then recommended to the Grants Programme Board for approval and following due diligence checks the projects were awarded grants totalling £328,044.14. January to 7 April 2017 was designated as a start-up period for all 35 projects. Project durations ranged from four to eighteen months though the average was twelve months. The grants programme completed in October 2018.

The final programme evaluation report produced by the evaluator Traverse can now be found online at the Manchester Community Central website.

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