MCIP Transformative E-Learning Programme

A new web-based cancer awareness course is being hailed by users as a significant step in transforming non-cancer specialists’ ability to support people with the disease.

The E-learning programme – Greater Manchester Cares was launched in May by the Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership (MCIP) through University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust (UHSM) and private firm, Dynamic.

Users, who include non-cancer specialist clinicians, GP practice staff, patients, carers and generalist health and social care staff say the programme has improved their cancer knowledge and their ability to support people affected by cancer.

The online course contains 6 modules covering: The Nature of Cancer; Prevention and Screening; Staging and Investigation; Treatment Options; End of Life, Palliative and Supportive Care; and Living With and Beyond Cancer.

It was developed in close partnership with patients, carers and UHSM staff, many of whom attended a celebration launch to thank them for their involvement in the programme.

It is hoped that the course will eventually be accessed and used across the UK via national online platforms.

For details about how teams can access the training please contact: GMCaresLMS@UHSM.NHS.UK  or go to the Greater Manchester Cares website.

What users say

UHSM Head of Learning and Development Jo Davies said: “Cancer can be a difficult subject for non-specialist staff. The aim of the course was to ensure that every learner understands how they can contribute, positively and with empathy, to a situation where a person and their family are going through the most difficult of times.

“We are really grateful to the staff, patients and carers who worked together on this as we would not have developed such an engaging programme without them.”

Non-specialist nurse Angela Shaw said: “ I often see patients in my job that have cancer, and feel after completing this programme that it provides me with the detailed information that would enable me to not only support them properly but also to provide me with the resources if I need to signpost them to further support.”

GP receptionist Julia Hall said: “I didn’t have much confidence in talking to patients who have cancer as I was always afraid of what to say. However completing this programme has made me realise that sometimes to listen and chat is helpful to them. I now have a really good overview of the topic.”

Patient, Sue Coles said: “I can see that an awful lot of work has gone into this and it does look good. It provides comprehensive information in a number of different ways. That helps to keep it fresh as you work through, and it was fascinating to see video clips of real people. I thought the people were just wonderful. I would like to say well done to everyone involved. “

Dementia Lead Nurse, Sarah Monks said: “The cancer awareness E-Learning programme is incredibly easy to access and navigate. I can see how the cancer awareness programme will provide non-cancer specialist nurses with the confidence to identify possible challenges to care and gain a working knowledge, empowering nurses to improve the patient experience.”