Join in with GM Clean Air Day – 15 June

Air quality is one of the most important issues facing Greater Manchester. You may not see air pollution, but it can play a part in poor health, including breathing illnesses and heart disease. Thursday 15 June marks the first ever Greater Manchester (GM) Clean Air Day. It is all about encouraging everyone to think about air quality and how we can all make simple changes in our everyday lives to reduce our exposure to air pollution. On GM Clean Air Day, why not pledge to make a change that improves your health and reduce air pollution? You could:

  • Use your feet, take to the street. Walk, cycle, bus, train, tram, boat, unicycle, pogostick.
  • If driving is essential, switch off the engine when stationary.
  • For you next car, pledge to look at a low emission model or an electric vehicle.

To pledge your support or to find out how how to cut emissions and improve your health, visit TfGM’s GM Clean Air Day website.

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