Golden moment for Brownies – as they focus on health and getting to know their elders

Any aspiring Brownie will tell you that part of her promise is to think of others before herself and do a good turn every day. But, now, that promise has a brand new focus in Manchester for one group of Brownies who are part of a trial, not only to make the city healthier – but to learn what it means to be a modern Manchester miss. A group of youngsters in Wythenshawe and Northenden are part of new badge that will include challenges and exercises around some of biggest community priorities in the city around health, fighting loneliness, and being part of a city that values older people.

The move comes after the city introduced its vision for health and social care for the next five years – called a locality plan – which recognises the crucial role that everyone who lives here can play in making the city healthier. One of the key themes is around prevention – making sure that people stay active and involved in the areas where they live, to help prevent illness and the crippling mental and physical effects of loneliness. It also follows a consultation where people who live and work here were asked to define priorities for the city – to create the ‘Our Manchester’, we aspire to be over the next ten years. Within this, Mancunians ranked health and social care highly as well as looking after vulnerable people.

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