Egton Online Triage Webinar

28-11-2018 15:00 - 16:30


To support practices in delivering new models of care, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) has agreed to purchase Egton Online Triage and Egton website hosting for practices wanting to use this service.

Join staff from Egton who on the Wednesday 28 November will be discussing the benefits of the Online Triage system. Online Triage gives patients 24/7 access to health advice via your practice website and/or patient access providing patients with a convenient way to seek health advice. With links to self-care resources and forms for detailing symptoms, it supports patients round the clock to help relieve pressure practices face.

How to join the webinar

If you would like to join this webinar, please email and you will then be sent joining instructions in due course.

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