Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) Conference

The role of the ACP continues to grow in importance, last year there were 681 Trainee ACPs. This year that number has grown to 832. The conference will provide an opportunity to share good practice, identify the challenges and opportunities in developing advanced clinical practice in the workplace.

Hear how the proposed HEE Academy of Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) are:

  • developing and support national roles which are transferable
  • working in partnership with Post Graduate Medicine to ensure high quality programmes
  • Developing  new ACP clinical pathways, with associated curriculum/standards
  • Establish a robust credentialing process for each ACP pathway
  • Develop an equivalence route to credentialing for existing practitioners
  • Ensure a register is in place, and the required clinical governance process, for each ACP pathway

Further information will follow in due course.

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