Engaging Manchester Deaf Centre

Recently we held a series of workshops with service users of the Manchester Deaf Centre to better understand their experiences of using health and care services across our city. The Manchester Deaf Centre is the largest organisation in Greater Manchester that provides support to a range of people with sensory loss.

There were specific sessions arranged for a health and well-being group and a group of deaf people who are currently unemployed, who during conversation with them said:

  • Digital solutions were not the answer as many individuals do not speak English or have English as their first language
  • Booking appointments i.e. with their GP was very difficult for them; thus a number of participants go straight to Accident and Emergency
  • There is lack of consistency about whether interpreters would be booked for face to face appointments and when accessing a pharmacy afterwards
  • There is a lack of BSL (British Sign Language) awareness and support in GP practices, which can lead deaf patients not being able to access services like others

Over the coming months, we will continue to work with the Manchester Deaf Centre to develop the next steps for this project and recommendations for our lead commissioners.

If you have any feedback on the above information or would like to share your experiences of using health and care services, please email mhcc.engagement@nhs.net or call 0161 213 1750.