Ebola Advice

Manchester CCGs are reassuring those concerned about the threat of Ebola to take heed of the latest advice from NHS England which describes the risk to the UK population as “very low”.

NHS England stresses that Ebola is hard to catch and can only be spread through close and direct physical contact with infected body fluids (such as blood, diarrhoea or vomit).

And the health experts also explain that people with Ebola can only spread the virus to others once they have symptoms. They emphasise that Ebola virus is not spread through routine social contact (such as shaking hands or sitting next to someone) with people who do not have obvious symptoms.

In the UK, the only people currently at risk of developing Ebola are those who have had contact with the disease in Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia or Mali. Anyone who has travelled to these countries within the last 21 days and has fever, intense fatigue, diarrhoea, or vomiting, may have Ebola Virus Disease, although another illness is more likely.

While reassuring the public that the risk to the UK population is very low, those concerned about their personal exposure to Ebola should contact Greater Manchester Health Protection Team on 0344 225 0562, Option 1

And NHS England advises those who believe someone has Ebola to:

  • Avoid direct physical contact with them: talk, but not to touch
  • Encourage the person to avoid direct physical contact with anybody new – ask them to separate themselves from others
  • Call NHS 111 and explain the person may have Ebola

For more information visit  http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/ebola-v

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