Our Healthier Manchester

Our Healthier Manchester

We’re dedicated to achieving the best health outcome for the people of Manchester. The Our Healthier Manchester Locality Plan sets out a clear vision for the health and social care system in our city.

All the different elements of the health and care system have committed to improving:

  • How we plan and fund services.
  • What we provide in the community.
  • How our hospitals work together.

The changes to our structures are only part of what’s needed; the key to a healthier Manchester and to reducing health inequalities is people – like you. We must all change the way we think and act about our own health, the health of those we love and care for, the health of our wider neighbourhood, and of the communities that make up our city.

Of course, we’ll always provide the care and support people need. However, with your new ideas added and with the people of Manchester behind it, this plan can be the boost needed to give all Manchester people the healthier life that will help them and our whole city to thrive.

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You can find out more by visiting the Healthier Manchester website www.healthiermanchester.org

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