MCIP Projects

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1. Locally Commissioned Service

90% of Manchester’s GP practices signed up to achieve 24 new cancer care standards

2. Educating Community Staff

Delivery of training to non-clinical community-based support staff

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3. Lung Early Diagnosis Pilot 


4. North Manchester Macmillan Palliative Care Support Service

A new integrated community-based palliative care service

5. Primary Breast Cancer

A radical transformation of breast cancer care and supported self-management

6. Advanced Breast Cancer

Improved and more consistent support for secondary breast cancer patients

Benefits For You

A summary of the benefits delivered by the programme

Success of MCIP

  • We have established a new pilot service to detect lung disease including lung cancer earlier.
  • We have design and established a new, community-based, integrated palliative care service for north Manchester – now a model for the rest of the city.
  • We have helped primary care provide better support and care for people living with and beyond cancer.
  • We have provided enhanced education opportunities for non-cancer specialists working in the community about how they can support people living with and beyond cancer.
  • We have designed a new model of monitoring and aftercare to support primary breast care patients as they move out of hospital treatment and begin to recover This new system is recovery focused and more sustainable.

Plans for the future

  • We are ensuring more consistent support is in place for people with advanced breast cancer.
  • We are working to ensure there is more care coordination in place for people with advanced lung cancer.
  • We are continuing to help community based staff better support people living with and beyond cancer.

‘Tackling Cancer Care in Manchester’ Event – 10 February 2017

Following on from this event, here you can find the Tackling Cancer Care in Manchester: Breakout Session Summary Report as well as the presentation which was shown.

Curing Lung Cancer – A Paradigm Shift

This was an event held at the Manchester Airport Radisson Blu Airport in September 2017 to share the learning from the Lung Health Check pilot. Lung specialists from across the UK and US gathered to hear evidence of Manchester Lung Health checks. You can view a video of the Manchester Lung Health check event.

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