Living with dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia can be frightening and you may have lots of questions and want to know who can support you.

We have created some resources which will help you understand this illness better and provide you with information about the support available.

Watch our Through the eyes of dementia video below which explains some of the signs and symptoms of dementia for people living in South Asian Communities.

Through the eyes of dementia

In the extended video below, you can hear from people living with dementia and their carers as they speak about their own experiences, and GP Jonathan Kaye our clinical lead for dementia talks about the importance of getting support and how you can live well with this condition.

Through the eyes of dementia (extended version)

These films are also available in the following languages and formats on our YouTube channel:

  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu
  • British Sign Language

You can find a transcript of the Through the Eyes of Dementia video here:

Caring for someone living with dementia

There are services available which can help to provide support and information on page five of the Living with dementia leaflet below:

Manchester City Council can arrange for a carers assessment. You can find more information about this on the Manchester City Council website.


The below Dementia Champion posters can be printed off and there is also space to write on them who your go-to person is to speak about dementia – your dementia champion.

If you want to find out more about how to become a dementia champion, visit the Dementia Friend’s website.

If you would like any of the above resources created in another language or format, please email: 

Useful downloads

You can find out more about the Dementia United Innovation Project – Raising awareness of dementia with South Asian communities through the pdf below:


This information has been produced by Manchester Health and Care Commissioning on behalf of Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership and Dementia United; in collaboration with Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust, The Alzheimer’s Society, local support groups and people living in South Asian communities.

Special thanks to The Alzheimer’s Society for allowing us to use some of the content of their leaflets and website within these resources.