Wound care formulary information

You asked

Can you please tell me when your wound care formulary is up for renewal and who makes the decisions on which saline pods you use?

Our response

Greater Manchester wound care formulary has only recently been updated as of 21st October 2020 and is updated in line with British National Formulary updates. A separate formulary applies to a bespoke wound care service in South Manchester which is currently being reviewed and renewed as we speak with a view to it being agreed within the next few months. It was last agreed as of May 2019.

For the bespoke service within South Manchester there is not a specified choice of saline pods within the formulary, although if there was a decision to be made on a specific brand then the Lead nurse of the Tissue Viability Team Julie Mullings would have final decision on this. For the remaining Manchester Localities, it would be an individual GP decision on which brand of Saline is chosen as they manage prescription requests through the individual specialist teams who request dressings (i.e. tissue viability, district nurses, podiatry etc)