Wheelchair services

You asked

Do you procure your wheelchair service as an integrated service (with approved repairer and assessments included in one contract), or do you procure them as individual contracts?

Our response

Integrated service

Which provider(s) do you use for your current wheelchair services? If approved repairer and assessments are procured outside of this, which provider(s) are used for these services?

Manchester Foundation Trust (MFT)

Is the wheelchair service / approved repair contract(s) in partnership with any other CCG(s)? If so, please provide a list of the CCGs that share this contract.

Trafford CCG

If your provider is a non-NHS organisation, what year did you first use a non-NHS provider?

Not applicable

When did your current wheelchair service / approved repair contract(s) start, and what is the contract end date? Please include any information on contract extensions.

It is a long-standing contract with MFT which is currently held by NHSE until 31st March 2021

Which provider(s) was used for the previous wheelchair service / approved repair contract(s)?

It has always been MFT

What is the annual value of the wheelchair service / approved repair contract(s) for the last three years (year end 31 March)? If not available, please provide data for any available years. Please specify if these values relate only to your CCG or for a multiple CCG.




2017/18 – £1,497,040

2018/19 – £1,522,551

2019/20 – £1,570,410