Visual Impairment information around vaccine appointments

You asked

Are you ensuring information sent to a visually impaired person about vaccine appointments or provided to them at a vaccination centre is available in an accessible format such as large print and braille? If yes, how?

Our response

An initial accessibility checklist was produced and completed as part of the original estates planning for each of the 8 Primary Care Network managed vaccination sites in Manchester. This was then further developed through completion of an inclusion and engagement plan to provide assurance that sites would be fully accessible and inclusive for disabled people. Through the Covid Health Equity Manchester group’s Disabled People’s Sounding Board, site leads were then required to complete an enhanced accessibility checklist produced by Disabled People’s Organisations. This includes assurance questions around ensuring that information is available in accessible formats. All sites have information in accessible formats and further action is now being taken to ensure that all sites have information in braille.

Are you providing clear information on the location of vaccine centres, such as public transport options and alternatives for blind and partially sighted people? If yes, how?

Vaccination site leads have worked with neighbourhood teams from the Manchester Local Care Organisation to ensure that information on public transport is available and there is a budget set aside for taxis for people who need them. As there is now more national flexibility around delivery of vaccinations using mobile models and through ‘Back to practice’ sessions, we are able to provide alternative locations for anyone who cannot travel to the 8 vaccination sites.

Are you making sure that vaccination venues have clear signage and good levels of lighting to enable blind and partially sighted people to access them? If yes, how?

As described in the response to question 1, the enhanced accessibility checklist has provided assurance that venues have clear signage and good lighting or are taking immediate action to ensure that this is in place.

Are you ensuring staff and volunteers at vaccination centres are trained to provide support to people with sight loss, such as providing verbal or sighted guiding where necessary? If yes, how?

Again, the enhanced accessibility checklist provides assurance around staff and volunteers being available and trained at each site to help to guide people safely where necessary.

Are you aware of and using the sight loss sector guidance on vaccine rollout which is available here: If yes, how have you used this?

No but we have worked with our Disabled People’s Sounding Board and the Manchester Disabled People’s Access Group to put in place measures to ensure that the needs of people with visual impairments are addressed within the vaccination sites. We will review the content of the guidance and share with site leads.