Tier 2 weight management services

I would like to request information on Tier 2 weight management services

What number of patients from you CCG have been referred to a tier 2 service in the last 12 months?

The number of patients referred are as follows;

208 referrals were made into the Be Well Voucher Scheme between April 2020- March 2021.

11 of these referrals did not meet the eligibility criteria.

91 referrals were made into the School Health Service offer, 77 from the National Child Measurement Programme and 14 from Health Professionals.

*Note that Tier 2 weight management services were impacted heavily by COVID-19.  The NCMP which normally takes place September – January was suspended and therefore only half a term of screening was able to take place. Face to face group meetings of Tier 2 weight management support were prevented from taking place and many referred patients declined an on-line offer until community group meetings could return. Fewer patients were seen face to face in GP surgery, therefore less screening and referral took place.

What are the names of the tier 2 services which available to patients in your CCG

The Tier two Services available to Adults and Children are commissioned by Manchester City Council Population Health. They are as follows.

Be Well Voucher scheme – ‘Be Well’ our well-being service provides a voucher scheme which offers free 12-week membership of a local Slimming World group. This is accessed by referral from Health professional with a BMI<30. This is available to all adults resident in Manchester or with a Manchester GP. Family referral is available where an adult member has children aged 11-15 years who need weight management support.

School Health Service – Children who require weight management support can be referred to the School Nurse Service and the specialist Healthy Weight Project within the School Health Service. All children who are identified as overweight through the NCMP (National Child Measurement Programme) are referred into this service.

Under 18’s PARS (Physical activity on referral service)– New service (began 1st March 2021) that receives referral of children who are overweight, who are supported into a local offer of physical activity.