Tier 2 weight management inquiry

You asked

I would like to please request the following information with regards to your Tier 2 weight management service, if applicable:

How many patients do you believe are eligible in your CCG?

Our response

Our Tier Two Service is a universal city-wide service. Eligibility criteria is as follows

  • Manchester resident or registered with a Manchester GP
  • Aged 16 years or above
  • BMI>28 or above
  • Not having been a paying member on the Slimming World referral scheme in last three months.

Referral is via GP to the Be Well Service, or by self-referral. In this respect the client accessing the scheme does not have to be a ‘patient’ receiving primary care to access Tier Two provision.

The Manchester Healthy Weight Strategy 2020-2025 describes the local picture for adult obesity.

In 2018 63% of Manchester’s overall adult population were overweight or obese.

They would therefore all be eligible.

(Those with a BMI >35 would be more appropriate to Tier Three)

How many patients do you currently have on your waiting list?

We do not have a waiting list for Tier Two. There is capacity in the service for referrals to be triaged straight into the 12-week intervention at a venue close to them.

How many patients have you referred in the last 12 months?

Service delivery in the previous twelve months has been affected by COVID. All face to face groups were moved on-line for a period during the pandemic which impacted on the number of referrals accessing their intervention. Some people opted to defer until physical group membership returned. This is now the case and figures since April 2021 are 373 members (09.09.21) have accessed the Tier Three intervention. This is a figure that is rising sharply on a weekly basis.