Sexual Health information

You asked

How do persons seeking advice on a Sexual health matter engage with your services?

Do you provide online self-service Sexual health services (such as STI/HIV testing, Contraception queries)? If yes – please provide a link. If no, see next question.

Which organisations provide Sexual health specific services within your CCG? Please provide website/contact info.

Who is responsible for health care digital transformation (please provide contact information) within region? If this is a specific team, then again, please provide contact details.

What is the appropriate channel to arrange a conversation/meeting with the digital transformation lead?

What is the annual cost of the provision of sexual health services within your CCG Region?

Our response

Sexual health services are commissioned by the Local Authority so questions relating to that topic will need to be directed to Manchester City Council FOI Team

Andrew Rebanks, Head of IT

Dr Paul Wright,Deputy Clinical Director and IT Clinical Lead –

Via email (included above)