PUPoC information

You asked

Our request relates to retrospective claims pursued for NHS funded continuing healthcare. These will include cases which are commonly referred to as PUPoC (Previously Unassessed Periods of Care) and retrospective/ex gratia payment cases. This will include cases registered with relevant PCT and then transferred to the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and include any figures in old CCG areas.

The request is for information since 2012 or later if you do not hold information from 2012.

In respect of the claims, please provide us with the following information:  How many retrospective cases have been completed by or on behalf of the CCG?

Our response

22 cases have been completed (of those 8 cases were closed due to a lack of proof of authority, previous assessment being undertaken or inappropriate referral). Therefore 14 cases subject to full retrospective review

How many of the cases referred to in 1 above have been successful (i.e. redress paid or waiting for redress to be paid)

4 eligible or partially eligible.

Please provide the total amount paid in redress to claimants. Please provide this amount annually.

Total: 25,805.16 (all payments made in 2021), one remains pending

In relation to 3 above, please provide the total amount paid in interest to claimants. Please provide this information annually.