PHB budget holder information

You asked

Please could I request any information that is held on the amount of spend (£) for PHB budget holders, by the type of provider the funds are spent on. By provider types, I mean for example homecare agencies, personal assistants, equipment suppliers, cleaning agency etc. In terms of spend periods, any time measurement that is available will also be helpful, for example the last 12 months, or the latest FY record on date (whatever is possible to obtain).

Our response

Based on the last 12 months 40% of PHB holders are Notional, the vast majority of the budget is spent on Homecare Agency fees. The remaining 60% of PHB holders have a Direct Payment of which 20% pay for a Homecare agency 52% employ PAs and 28% have a mix of Homecare Agency and PAs.

Data is not held on the specifics of other provider types, but they would include training providers both face to face and online, Broker services including payroll, equipment, insurance providers.

Expenditure for financial year 19.20

Notional PHB’s                 £1,497,515

Direct Payments PHB’s    £4,343,245