Patient deaths before treatment

Release date: September 2020

You asked

I am interested in the number of incidents per month where patients died, after they were referred for non-emergency consultant-led elective treatment but had yet to start treatment. i.e. While the patient was on an ‘incomplete pathway’ following a referral for consultant-led elective treatment.

According to the 2018/19 Annual Report for RTT waiting time statistics for consultant-led elective care, there are a number of activities that end the Referral To Treatment (RTT) pathway. One of these is if the ‘patient died before treatment’. [See page 4 and page 26].

These give figures for the ‘Total number of incomplete pathways’ for each CCG, broken down by ‘Treatment Function’ (e.g. Urology, Trauma & Orthopaedics etc), as well as a ‘Total’ for each CCG. For example, at NHS Manchester CCG the Total number of incomplete pathways outstanding in June 2020 was 52,664.

Please can you tell me:

The total number of occasions per calendar month when a patient died while on an incomplete RTT pathway, for each month from January 2018 to the latest available month (July or August 2020).

Our response

Manchester CCG does not hold this level of detail.  

Please contact the provider, Manchester NHS Foundation Trust who hold the all the key detail required to produce this request.