NHS Continuing Healthcare spends

For each financial year from 2015 to 2020, please could you provide the following information in relation to NHS Continuing Healthcare for your CCG:

Total spending on NHS Continuing Healthcare and Funded Nursing CareN/AN/A30,424,79732,365,18133,521,869
Spending on Standard CHCN/AN/A23,132,33724,484,44224,639,157
Spending on Fast Track CHCN/AN/A2,970,5833,262,7393,908,528
Spending on Funded Nursing CareN/AN/A4,321,8774,618,0004,974,184
Any other related spending on NHS Continuing HealthcareN/AN/A3,457,3254,405,2015,840,760
Saving/QIPP targets for NHS Continuing HealthcareN/AN/A300,00000
Actual savings achieved for NHS Continuing HealthcareN/AN/A000
  1. Data provided is from 1/4/17 onwards when MHCC was formed.
  2. “Spend on Standard CHC” includes Looked after Children costs.
  3. “Any other related spend on NHS CHC” is for Personal Health Budgets and is not included in the “Total spend on NHS & FNC”  figure in the first column