MHCC staffing & system information

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How many analyst team members does your CCG employ?

Our response


Which systems do they use to source their data?

Our main data sources are NHS Digital Secondary Uses Service, NHS Digital SEFT Tool, GM Care Record Analytics Platform supplied by Graphnet, HED Commissioner Tool and local data flows supplied by health care providers

Do you employ the following roles within your CCG?

Chief System Integration Officer/Chief Integration Officer (Director) – No

Director of Digital Products & Improvement Analytics (or Deputy/Associate) – No

Director of Partnerships & Digital Lead (or Deputy/Associate) – No

Head of Digital Solutions and Adoption (Director) – No

Head of Digital Innovation (Director) –  No

Director of Digital Transformation (or Deputy/Associate) – No

Director for System Strategy (or Deputy/Associate) – No

Director of Integration (or Deputy/Associate) – No

Director of System Partnerships (or Deputy/Associate) – No

We employ:

  • Deputy Clinical Director and Clinical IT Lead
  • Head of Business Intelligence & Information Governance

Head of IT

Do you have specific plans for integrating data between primary, community and secondary care?

Shared care records – Yes via the Greater Manchester Care Record

Joint care plans – Yes

Connected care plans – Yes

Or other data integration plans – We also use EMIS to share data between Primary Care and Community Services where appropriate.

Do you have a baseline mapping of your system digital infrastructure in place?


Do you have a public facing digital strategy?

We have a Primary Care IT Strategy

Do you use “Patients know best” or other system? –  No

How many patients do you have registered on “Patients know best” or other system? If other system please name the system? Greater Manchester Care Record