Mental Health and Wellbeing for Primary Schools information

You asked

I would like to make a request under the FOI Act for the contact details of the Head of Commissioning – Mental Health and Wellbeing for Primary Schools please.

Also the Health and Wellbeing Boards they cover.

Name, email and contact number if possible, please?

Our response

The initial remit of coordinating the Emotional/Mental Health and Wellbeing for Manchester Primary Schools sits with the Manchester City Council education department, who work closely with CCG and Population Health colleagues to coordinate the provision, which ranges from a  new bespoke Mental Health Support Team (CAMHS & VSCE) offer and the Healthy Schools offer provided by School Nurses. The main contact in the first instance would be.

Sharon Gardner

Senior Schools Quality Assurance Officer

Strategic lead for Safeguarding

Directorate for Children and Families 

Manchester City Council

PO Box 532

Town Hall Extension


M60 2LA

Tel: 07950359752