Manchester GP practice address information

You asked

The number of NHS GP surgeries or Primary Care Centre sites currently within NHS Manchester CCG (most recent data available)

Our response

85 GP practices, operating in 89 premises (4 of which are branch practices from the main site).

The number of NHS GP surgeries or Primary Care Centre sites within the CCG currently (most recent data available) located in previously residential class properties.

For clarity, I mean how many properties currently in the use class D1 (under 1987 UCO), now E(e) (under 2020 UCO), have been previously classed as C3 (dwelling houses).  

Can you also provide the names and addresses for any such properties?

To the best of our knowledge we believe that the following practices may have previously been classed as C3

Ardwick & LongsightSurrey Lodge PracticeM14 5BY
Withington & FallowfieldMauldeth Medical CentreM14 6SQ
Didsbury, Chorlton Park and BurnageMerseybank SurgeryM21 7NN
Higher Blackley, Harpurhey & CharlestownDam Head Medical CentreM9 7HD
Gorton & LevenshulmeWest Point Medical CentreM19 2AF
Gorton & LevenshulmeGorton Medical CentreM18 8LJ
Gorton & LevenshulmeAshcroft SurgeryM19 3BS
Gorton & LevenshulmeWest Gorton Medical PracticeM12 5JE
Gorton & LevenshulmeMount Road SurgeryM18 7BQ
Ardwick & LongsightParkside SurgeryM12 5RU
Ardwick & LongsightDickenson Road Medical CentreM13 0WQ
Ardwick & LongsightAilsa Craig Medical CentreM13 0YL
West Central ManchesterAshville SurgeryM16 9RT
West Central ManchesterThe Alexandra PracticeM16 8NG
West Central ManchesterWilbraham SurgeryM21 0UF
West Central ManchesterCorkland Road Medical PracticeM21 8UP
West Central ManchesterPrincess Road SurgeryM20 1BH
Hulme, Moss Side & RusholmeWilmslow Road SurgeryM14 5LQ
Cheetham Hill and CrumpsallWellfield Medical CentreM8 9JT
Cheetham Hill and CrumpsallJolly Medical CentreM8 9NT
Cheetham Hill and CrumpsallThe Neville Family CentreM9 8DX
Higher Blackley, Harpurhey& CharlestownBeacon Medical CentreM9 0FN
Higher Blackley, Harpurhey& CharlestownConran Medical CentreM9 5BH
Higher Blackley, Harpurhey& CharlestownThe Avenue Medical CentreM9 6BA
Higher Blackley, Harpurhey& CharlestownFernclough SurgeryM9 5RD
Higher Blackley, Harpurhey& CharlestownWillowbank SurgeryM9 4WH
Miles Platting, Newton Heath and MostonSt George’s Medical CentreM40 5HP
Miles Platting, Newton Heath and MostonDroylsden Rd Family PracticeM40 1NT
Cheetham Hill and CrumpsallDr Bokhari – BranchM40 7GT
Withington & FallowfieldAL-Shifa Medical CentreM20 3HE
Northenden and BrooklandsNorthern Moor Medical PracticeM23 0PH
Northenden and BrooklandsBrooklands Medical PracticeM23 9JH
Northenden and BrooklandsWoodlands Medical PracticeM23 9RL
Didsbury, Chorlton Park and BurnageDidsbury Medical Centre – Dr WhitakerM20 6BA
Didsbury, Chorlton Park and BurnageDavid Medical CentreM21 8HA
WythenshaweBowland Medical PracticeM23 1JX