Local enhanced services and schemes

You asked

  • A list of all the optional services and schemes commissioned by the CCG that your member GP practices could choose to participate in, in 2021/22 – such as Local Enhanced Services, Local Improvement Schemes (LISs) and Prescribing Incentive/Improvement schemes
  • The value of each, i.e., the total amount that can be earned for participation in the service/scheme per patient or per procedure
  • The total budget for each for 2021/22
  • The specification for each of these services/schemes – please provide the specific pdf or word document
  • Additionally, could you please indicate where if any schemes are commissioned at PCN level
  • Please indicate which, if any, schemes are being suspended in order to ease workload for practices in light of additional pandemic related workload

Our response

CCGService/schemeService sub-categoryValue (£)Value description (e.g. per patient, per procedure)Additional payments if applicable (e.g. annual retainer, one-off payment for signing up, etc.)Budget (£), 2021/22
Example CCGAnticoagulationLevel 2£64.12per patient/year£1,038,019
Example CCGMinor injuries£55.85per procedure£1,116.97 annual retainer£35,169