Language interpreter services

You asked

In regard to Interpreting and Translations services used by your organisation, Can you please provide details of your current provider(s) (company name, date contract was awarded and date of expiry/renewal)?

Our response

We currently have 2 providers –

The Big Word were originally awarded their contract on 20/10/2017 and is due to expire 31/07/2021.
Language Empire were originally awarded their contract on 04/10/2017 and is due to expire 31/07/2021.

Please list your top ten most popular languages for the last 2 years



Kurdish (Sorani)

Farsi (Persian)





Tigrinya Cantonese

What types of language services have you provided during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We have provided face to face, video, and telephone interpretation as well as British Sign Language.

How many interpreting requests have not been filled during the COVID 19 pandemic and what languages were they?

1043 requests (5% of all requests) were not fulfilled during the pandemic. The languages involved were: Urdu, French, Punjabi, Amharic, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Pashto, Turkish, Albanian, Bengali, Tamil, Latvian, Russian, Italian, Somali, Bulgarian, Arabic, Polish, Greek, Romanian, Farsi (Persian), Tigrinya, Portuguese, Czech, Cantonese, Lithuanian, Spanish, Slovak, Hungarian, Kurdish (Sorani), Twi, Telugu, Mirpuri, Sudanese, Hausa, German, Oromo, Yoruba, Mandinka, Kurdish, Wolof, Georgian, Malay, Bravanese, Korean, Afar, Basque, Krio, Tagalog & Creole