IAPT services

You asked

Please could you confirm the name, job title and email address of the individual responsible for commissioning IAPT services?

Our response

Juliet Eadie, Senior Mental Health Commissioner, julieteadie@nhs.net

Please could you confirm the current provider of IAPT services?

We have 7 providers of IAPT services who are as follows: Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Self Help, African Caribbean Mental Health Services, 42nd Street, LGBT Foundation, Gaddum Centre, Survivors Manchester

If the Trust is the provider of the IAPT service, please could you confirm the name, job title and email address of the individual responsible for delivering the IAPT service?

The lead for the Mental Health Trust is Gary Fox, Head of Operations (IAPT), gary.fox@gmmh.nhs.uk

Please could you confirm the current total cost of the IAPT service and duration of the contract?

The current cost is £7.3million, spread across a number of contracts all of who are on 1 year rolling contracts currently.

Please could you confirm when the IAPT service will next be re-tendered on the basis of the current contract duration?

There are currently no plans to retender the contract as the focus of the planning is where the service will be managed and commissioned from and when those decisions are made it will be for those organisations to decide the future commissioning arrangements.

Please confirm the total number of individuals who have currently been waiting more than 6 months for counselling services?

We have no clients waiting more than 6 months for access to IAPT

Please could you confirm if you commission any digital IAPT services (either as a sub-contract to the overall provider or as a separate contract), and if so who the digital provider is and what services they provide to patients, and the cost and duration of this contract and when it will next be tendered.

SilverCloud is commissioned across Greater Manchester to deliver step 2 IAPT services.  As they are the only provider of these services the value of the contract is commercially sensitive.  As with local IAPT services the future commissioning arrangements of this service will be agreed once the re-organisation of services across Greater Manchester has been agreed