GP extended access contracts

Release date: November 2020

You asked

Please provide details of any General Practice Extended Access contracts put out to tender by your CCG in the last five years, including the winner of those contracts.

Our response

NHS Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (MHCC) commissioned GP Extended Access contracts from 2018 and therefore do not hold any contract information prior to 2018.

Who are the current provider(s) of General Practice Extended Access in your area?

2018-2019 Manchester Primary Care Partnership Ltd (MPCP) was commissioned from 2018 under an Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS). A waiver was completed in support from the MHCC Executive Board, to enable MHCC to proceed to direct award.This was due to there being limited time to undertake a full procurement process and the service needing to be mobilised at pace.

2019-20 Manchester Primary Care Partnership Ltd APMS contract was extended for a further year as part of a waiver process to enable the contract of the service to be transferred across from MHCC in to the recently developed Manchester Local Care Organisation.

2020-2021 Contract expired 31/03/20. Decisions regarding the service placed on hold due Covid. The intention is for extended hours to be delivered as part of the national Primary Care Networks Directed Enhanced Services Extended Hours requirements from April 2021.

What is the name of the Senior Responsible Officer at the provider(s) of General Practice Extended Access in your area?

Under GDPR Regulations Chapter 2, Article 6, MHCC is not able to release names of individual members of staff without consent from the provider. The requester however can request this information directly from the provider.

What is the address of any site(s) where General Practice Extended Access occurs in your area?

There were multiple locations:

North Manchester

  • Cheetham Hill Medical Centre
  • Conran Medical Centre
  • Five Oak Family Practice
  • Whitley Road
  • North Manchester General Hospital

South Manchester

  • Barlow Medical Centre
  • Bodey Medical Centre
  • Peel Hall Medical Practice
  • The Park Medical Centre

Central Manchester

  • Chorlton Family Practice
  • Dickson Road Medical Centre
  • The Robert Derbyshire Medical Practice
  • West Point Medical Centre

What is the telephone number of the site(s)? What is the website URL for the provider(s)?

All provider locations, phone numbers, websites are searchable online.