Electronic signing processes

You asked

Do you currently use any form of electronic signing tool?      If yes, who is your current provider? When does the contract expire? How much does it cost per year? How many licences (users or transactions) do you have? 

Our response

No – just manual signatures via WORD and PDF

How many documents do you send for signature / approval annually? What % are printed? 


Are your signing processes primarily paper-based? 

PDF/WORD sign when touch screen

What is your current annual spend on paper, postage, and document storage? 

In the financial year 2020-21 the total expenditure on these elements was £15,274

Do you currently have any active projects or initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of paper-based processes?   

If so, who is leading it? 

No and N/A

How much employee time is it taking to create, send, chase and store documents that require signature?  

This is information is not recorded/available, however this would take limited time due to use of using email/e-signatures/PDF. 

How many employees do you have? 


What percentage of employees work remotely?  

All Staff are currently working remotely

Can you provide names and contact details for the following people within your organisation?  

CIO / IT Director  – N/A

Head of IT   –  Andrew Rebanks

Head of Digital Transformation -  N/A 

Head of Housing Operations  – N/A

Head of Legal –  N/A

Head of HR   – Sharmila Kar skar@nhs.net

Head of Legal Services – N/A

Do you currently use any of the following Microsoft applications? 

O365   Yes

SharePoint   Yes

Teams   Yes

Dynamics   No

Power Automate   No – but is available

Do you use any Adobe products? If yes, which ones? 

Yes, Acrobat conversion of word docs etc. 

What primary software systems do you use? (Deployed Systems, Product Name, Vendor, Version, Contract end date & Number of licenses)  

Human Resources   ESR – national contract IBM

Patient related N/A

Legal Services N/A Email and Collaboration    Primarily O365, Outlook and MS Teams.