Diabetes information

You asked

How many individuals with Type 1 diabetes are recorded across your CCG area? Please can you break this total down into the following groups:   


Pregnancy Adult (excluding pregnancy)

Our response

CCG does not hold this data

Does your CCG have local guidance in place regarding the use of real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rt-CGM)?

What measures does your CCG take to enable access and support for individuals with Type 1 diabetes who require rt-CGM in areas where there is high multiple deprivation indices?

Does your CCG provide funding for rt-CGM to individuals with Type 1 diabetes?



How many individuals have rt-CGM support funded across your CCG? Which funding stream is used to provide rt-CGM support to across your CCG?  

Beyond rt-CGM, please list any other diabetes technologies that are funded and available through your CCG to those with Type 1 diabetes in your area?

Flash glucose monitoring http://gmmmg.nhs.uk/html/recomm.php