Continence service information

You asked

To assess the current situation for children’s continence (bladder and bowel services) in the United Kingdom, please would you answer the following questions:

Please state whether the following five paediatric continence (bladder and bowel) services are commissioned by your CCG/funded by your Health Board:

Bedwetting (Yes/No)                    If yes, for ages __ to __

Daytime wetting (Yes/No)           If yes, for ages __ to __

Toilet training (Yes/No)                If yes, for ages __ to __

Constipation/soiling (Yes/No)     If yes, for ages __ to __

Product (nappy/pad/washable pants) supply for paediatric continence problems (Yes/No) If yes, for ages __ to __

If any of the above services are not commissioned/funded and delivered by your CCG/Health Board, does anyone else provide any of these services? (Yes/No)

If yes, please provide details of which partner organisation provides them, which service(s)they provide and the age ranges:

Is there a single (integrated) service for all the above five problems? (Yes/No)

If the answer to is yes, is this service led by a paediatric continence advisor? (Yes/No)

If the answer is no, please list the services that are commissioned/provided and the designation of each of the service leads:

If the answer is yes, please could you tell us:

How many children and young people are on the waiting list for this service?

How long has the child currently at the top of the list had to wait?

If you answered yes to any part of question 1, please tell us how many children and young people with continence problems are currently on the caseload of the service?

Do you have any future plans to:

Commission/provide new paediatric continence service? (Yes/No)

Review the existing paediatric continence service? (Yes/No) If so, please provide details _______

How many full-time equivalent staff specialising in paediatric continence are currently employed by the services commissioned by your CCG/provided by your Health Board? ____

Please specify whether they:

Are registered children’s nurse? (No/Yes, some of them/Yes all of them)

Have had specific training in paediatric continence management (Yes/No) 

Are you aware of the Children’s Continence Commissioning Guide? (Yes/No) If yes, do the services commissioned in/provided by your CCG or Health Board use it? (Yes/No)

Our response

Manchester CCG does not hold this information.  Manchester Foundation Trust is responsible for delivering continence services through community services and will be able to provide the information.  Please can you redirect your query to: