Contact details around recruitment

Resourcing of clinical staff

Release date: October 2020

You asked

Please can you supply the details of the individual or individuals responsible for the recruitment and or resourcing of clinical staffing including doctors, nurses and AHPS within NHS Manchester CCG.

Our response

NHS Manchester CCG have a centralised recruitment system that utilises NHS Jobs for all its recruitment processes. The recruitment and/or resourcing of all staff is completed via HR – which includes any/all clinical staff. However, it should be noted that we are not a frontline NHS delivery organisation and as such our limited clinically qualified staff are involved in commissioning/management activities, save for practice-based pharmacists and Continuing Health Care Nurse assessors. 

Please can you also provide the contact name, job title, email address and direct dial contact numbers if available. 

All recruitment enquirers are managed through the MHCC HR Team. Their email address is

Direct dial contact numbers are currently not available due to Covid. All recruitment queries are now managed through the above email address.