Commissioning of services in Critical Care

Release date: September 2020

You asked

I am trying to determine who is responsible for the commissioning of services in Critical Care (Intensive Care and High Dependency) at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

I am led to believe that it is partly commissioned by NHS England, as well as by a variety of CCGs.

Are there criteria that determine which CCG funds the service, and if so, what are the criteria?

Our response

The criteria which determines which CCG funds the care of a patient is based on which GP practice the patient is registered with.

For Critical Care activity, the intensity and specialist nature of the care provided can determine whether a CCG funds this care or NHS England.

How is the funding divided between CCGs and NHS England?

The split of activity and funding for critical care activity is based upon the national IR (identification rules) rules that are in place to determine whether a patient’s care fall under the responsibility of NHS England or the CCG of the patient’s GP practice.