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Full name, Direct telephone number /Telephone number and address of the person responsible for making decisions of taking on board Care Providers for Continuing Health Care Packages of Care /Framework

Our response

Rikk Yeardley – MHCC.CHC@nhs,net

Information on How Care Providers can be included onto the Continuing Healthcare packages of care framework

Providers can submit their interest to become a part of the Manchester Homecare Framework to the E-mail address above. Continuing Healthcare are looking to reopen the framework in April/May 2021 (dependent on workloads as a direct result of the pandemic) at which point, a member of the CHC team will contact providers that have submitted their interest to be considered. It which point, providers will be given more information on the documentation required for consideration to be added to the framework and the process to follow

Information for Care Providers on who to contact in relation to Continuing Healthcare packages of care framework

This will be made clear to providers once the framework has been reopened