Blood Glucose Monitors

You asked

A weblink to your current blood glucose testing formulary

Our response

Information not hosted on a web page

The name(s), contact email address(es) and telephone numbers of the person(s) in your Medicines Management team responsible for the blood glucose meters formulary within the CCG 

Imrana Hamid; telephone number not available

The date of the next review of your formulary in respect of blood glucose meters

Due for review in 2021 (no confirmed date)

How do you intend to review your formulary (detail to include process, timelines)?

To be confirmed

Is your CCG part of a local partnership arrangement for formulary review? 

No formal local partnership arrangement for review

If so, please provide the names of other CCG’s included in the arrangement and the contact name, email address and telephone number for the person with responsibility for blood glucose meters

Not applicable